IPBF Starter File


1 – Download the starter league file from here: https://statsplus.net/ipbf/files/IPBF_Starter_File.lg.zip

2 – Extract the starter league file (IPBF_Starter_File.lg.zip) into your OOTP 24 Saved games folder (Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 24\saved_games)

3 – (OPTIONAL) rename “IPBF_Starter_File.lg” to whatever you want just make sure it has .lg at the end. For example “blue_jays_ipbf.lg” or “ipbf.lg

4 – Join the game, Load game: MLM_OOTP24_Starter_File.lg or whatever you renamed it.

5 – Select: Starter League File, password: baseball

6 – Go to file > Online League > Download latest League file

7 – save the game & exit the game

8 – re-load the game and select your profile, which should now appear

your pass: contact the commish