Servername: ZFWG
IP Address:
Password: ZFWG (ALL CAPS)
Current map: chernarusplus
Version: v1.20.155981

What is DayZ?

DayZ is a multiplayer open-world survival video game. Set in the fictional post-Soviet country of Chernarus, which is ravaged by an unknown epidemic turning people into zombies, DayZ places the player in the shoes of a survivor with the goal of staying alive amidst the threats of zombies, hostile players, and the environment itself. Players must scavenge for resources such as food, water, weapons, and supplies while navigating the expansive map.

The game is known for its focus on realism, featuring complex mechanics like health, hunger, thirst, body temperature, and diseases. DayZ also emphasizes player interaction and the emergent stories that can come from these encounters. The game’s open-ended nature, combined with its permadeath mechanic, makes it a challenging and immersive experience.


@[Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
@Arma 2 Clothing Pack
@Arma 2 Helicopters Remastered
@Code Lock
@Dabs Framework
@DayZ Editor Loader
@MMG Base Storage
@Trader Wallet
@Underground Bases