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BOOST Pitcher

BOOST Batter


Boost cost/Pricing, Duration, Rules & limitations may increase or decrease at any time. The Commissioners will have the final say on the interpretation of the following rules/settings and are happy to provide clarification to anyone should there be any confusion about a rule's intended interpretation. This is a new program and we will likely have to make adjustments over time to perfect this program. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


All players, Including Community Created Players, are subject to Talent Change Randomness (TCR) which is a game setting within OOTP. Although our TCR setting is incredibly low (25) all players may still experience positive or negative Talent Change Randomness.


- You must follow our channel on Twitch: to earn booster points to boost your player or personnel.
- Join Twitch:
- Maximum of 5 active created players per Twitch user at any given time.
- 1 Active Community Created player is always FREE! If you have no active Community Created Players.
- Community Created players Do Not get deleted if you stop boosting them or stop viewing the streams. Created players are permanent.
- Player Names are subject to approval by The Commissioner and must be (relatively) appropriate, and realistic.
- Players are not eligible to boost once they have been drafted by an MLB team. The boosting program in the MLM League is only for Feeder League players (High School or College)
- Player and personnel Boosts must be posted like a trade in the MLM Player boosting thread on the forums which can be found here:
- Feel Free to Join our Discord: